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”One element that has helped home security companies continue to thrive in the face of the DIY movement, Ward said, is monthly monitoring charges. “Recurring monthly revenue is where a good number of security companies get the majority of their revenue,” he said. But Defenders doesn’t have that luxury. In its arrangement with ADT, the latter gets all the monitoring revenue. A different modelDefenders is focused on its own goals, Boyce said, not fretting about the competition or changing landscape. The installation market is robust, Bateman said, adding that “companies with really good reputations and great stories to tell like Defenders can really benefit from all the mass advertising done by some of the new entrants—DIY and traditional.

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Cons: Requires a monthly subscription for remote access.

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Motion sensors cause the majority of false alarms.

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When the camera is still, though, it produces quality video for its sub $40 price.

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Check all bolts on entryways and windows supplant any damaged bolts.